Established in 1994, the Adult Subacute Program is a 98 bed Skilled Nursing Facility Certified by the California Department of Pulblic Health. The Subacute unit is unsurpassed in its commitment to patient care and its respect for human dignity.

 Pacifica Hospital of the Valley proudly accepts the responsibility of being one of California's premier subacute care providers. We pledge to the community and to the referral sources we serve our unrelenting commitment to excellence in service and the delivery of patient care.

 For more information, to schedule a tour of the facility, or to request information and/or consultation regarding the subacute level of care, please call at to  818-795-1151 or 800-522-1154

Interdisciplinary team approach to patient care with constant evaluation of patients progress and family integration into the process through monthly team conferences

Expert long-term care management of all subacute diagnoses  and illnesses, including catastrophic and/or post traumatic  conditions

Long-term mechanical ventilation support with expert licensed and Respiratory Therapy support

Aggressive ventilator weaning program with average success rate of 89.4%

Enterostomal, Wound and Dermal Restoration Program with success rate of 99.9%

Management of continuous and intermittent I.V. Therapy via peripheral or central venous access, including TPN, blood   products and therapeutic agents

Aggressive Pre-Rehabilitation Conditioning Sensory Stimulation,  Speech Therapy and Home Adoption Programs

Aggressive Occupational and Recreational Programs under the guidance of a Certified Activities Director

Full-time Social Service Department providing proactive  psychosocial interventions and referrals to the appropriate support groups and community services and resources

On-site and off-site Community Access Program for the units residents, including social, recreational and religious activities

On-site education and training of caregivers and family members prior to home discharge, with rigorous standards for return demonstration

Strict and proactive infection control protocols with emphasis  on high hygienic standards, prevention of cross contamination  and prophylaxis