The Behavioral Health Unit at Pacifica Hospital of the Valley is a 38-bed acute unit for adults ages 18 and over. The unit has dedicated and professional staff members who strive to provide the highest quality psychiatric care. Treatment plans are tailored to meet each individual￿s need. The program￿s goal is to stabilize the acute symptoms and return patients to their community in a timely manner.


What makes the Behavioral Health Unit at Pacifica Hospital of the Valley special? Our unit has the highest staff to patient ratio, which in turn makes our care the best in quality. Our staff is able to give each patient their personal attention and support.

The Resource Center at (800) 522-1154 is available twenty-four (24) hours a day for intervention, assessment and referral. Our Resource Center is staffed by highly trained counselors who will be able to mobilize the 24-hour psychiatric emergency team. Appropriate referrals are made to meet the needs of the community. The clinicians are Lanterman/ Petris/Short (LPS) designated and able to evaluate patients both at the hospital and off site.