Your Prayers Have Power

Spiritual and Pastoral Services

The Department of Pastoral Care at Pacifica Hospital is devoted to providing residents, patients, families and staff with spiritual needs. We provide spiritual support to people of all faith traditions and are readily available to explore spiritual questions and concerns that may arise during hospitalization.

The Department of Pastoral Care is well integrated into the day-to-day care of patients at Pacifica Hospital. A visit with a qualified, compassionate chaplain is only a phone call away

Reasons You Might Like to Speak With a Chaplain:

You Would Like Someone To Pray With You For Extra Strength.

You Have Spiritual Questions You Would Like To Explore With Someone.

You Are scheduled for Surgery Or An Important Medical Procedure And Would Like To Have Someone Say A Prayer With You Or Listen To You.

You Are Wondering About Where God Is Because You Feel Like God Is Not Listening To Your Prayers.

You Are Scared And Just Want Someone To Be With You And Listen, If Necessary.

You Are Mourning A Loss And Would Like To Find Supportive Resources In The Hospital Or Your Community.

Pacifica Hospital Cares

At PHV H.E.A.R.T. Care Values is everything from warm welcome our patients receive, to the state of our facility when they walk through the doors, to the care and kindness they receive when they are discharged.

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