Billing For Hospital Services

Billing for hospital services begins with charges for our services, supplies, and pharmaceuticals during a patient’s hospital visit.  For a list of our charges, please click here. As inpatient visits typically cost more than outpatient visits, please click here for a list of average charges by Diagnosis Related Group (DRG).

Pricing for medical services can be complex to understand, but charges do not necessarily reflect what a patient may pay. For insured patients, the amount a patient may owe is based on the type of coverage benefits health insurance and the patient plan. Please contact your health insurance company to determine your health coverage benefits and to get an estimate of what you may owe for your visit.

Please bring all insurance information, including insurance cards, when you come to your appointment. Many medical insurance companies, as well as HMOs, require pre-authorization for medical services. Please consult with your insurance company or primary care physician to obtain a pre-authorization, if required, prior to the date of your appointment.

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How To Ensure Accurate Billing

Here are a few things you can do before your visit to ensure accurate billing:

  • We encourage patients to be well informed by asking staff members for detailed answers.
  • Ask for contact information regarding any financial questions you may have after your visit.
  • Pacifica Hospital may ask for your patient responsibility (i.e. co-payments) prior to services rendered, if you are unable to pay, this does not preclude you from receiving services After services are provided, we will submit the bill to your insurance provider. After your insurance has settled, you will be billed for any balances remaining on your account. If your insurance provider fails to pay the claims, you will be responsible for the costs incurred during your care.
  • Explore Hospital Pricing Information Further Here.

Billing Inquiries

For more information regarding insurance matters or to find out if your particular health plan covers treatment at Pacifica Hospital, please contact our business office at the following number, 818-767-3310. You also may contact your health plan to determine if Pacifica physicians are included on the provider list.

Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills-01.01.2023, Click HERE

Pacifica’s charity care and partial charity care discount policy for financially qualified and self-pay patients, Click HERE

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