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Pharmaceutical Services

The Pacifica Hospital Pharmacy Department provides medication and services to inpatients. Pharmacists and technicians staff in a variety of areas, providing a broad range of pharmaceutical care to inpatients in a culture that inspires trust and adaptability. The pharmacy team works hard to enhance patient care and produce positive outcomes. The team also collaborates with management to develop and implement programs to enhance pharmacy services offered at Pacifica.

Pharmacy Location

One of the biggest benefits of having an in-house pharmacist is that they can speak directly with the medical team. The Pharmacy is conveniently located onsite allowing physicians the convenience to have pharmaceutical services expedited with care and speed. Pharmacists collaborate with all members of the health care team and their caregivers to provide the best patient care services.


Full Service Pharmacy

  • 24Hr Inpatient Fulfillment
  • Pharmacist Expertise
  • General Inquiries Welcomed
  • Standard Hours ⋅ Monday⋅Friday 7:00am⋅11:00pm
  • Weekends and Holidays ⋅  7:00am⋅7:00pm
  • Pharmacist Inquiries ⋅ Monday⋅Friday 7:00am⋅11:00pm
  • Weekends and Holidays ⋅ 7:00am⋅7:00pm

Our Pharmacy provides comprehensive, 24-hour inpatient pharmacy service to patients, physicians and staff who are in the Hospital

Patient Priority

Hospital pharmacists take a more active role in patient care.

Monitor Patient Profiles

Full-service concierge pharmacy services for clinicians providing care  to meet the needs of our patients.


Premium Pharmacy Service

Our Pharmacists are experts in medication management.

Questions Please call (818) 767-3310

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We will contact you within one business day. For Patient Records Please Call 818.767.3310

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